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My story

I started my personal development in 1994, I grew up in an atheistic, communist family, far from faith and spirituality.

A friend told me about an introductory lecture, and I went, that was Imima and since then it's all history.

I have never seen her during the classes, she would sit behind the staircase, just felt her energy moving between the space of the study complex, like a hot iron on my chest.

It was Kabbalah, I immediately became caught by the studies, within six months I began to feel that I was able to stretch the boundaries of time, I am calm, able to raise three small children, work in high-tech and find time for myself.

After more than three years of study, when Imima preached return of repentance it made me continue on my path.

I went to study channeling with Dorit Jacobi, hidden worlds, Earth is one of many, the mother's energy, group meditation is much more energy than meditating on your own, 1+1 is more than 2. You learn to follow intuition, you can help people, answer open questions, communicate.

After the course ended, I continued to Ein Hod, 4 years of regression therapy, through previous incarnations. Two Dutch, Rob and Tineke are teaching us. Some would say it's imaginative, and a lot of imagination. It helps me in healing people.

I moved to astrology and numerology with Ruth Eli, a wonderful teacher. Later, palm reading with Hana Gutman.

Seichim Reiki, an energetic treatment, studied in all Dalia Tamir Jacobi's courses.

In 2011 I began to study with Eylon Ben Yossef, the best graphologist ever, graduated from all his courses. I do many graphology analyses, it is a tool that helps me very much in counseling.

I studied Tetha Healing, love Simcha, a wonderful tool to identify your thoughts and the beginning of fulfillment.

In recent years I have been studying NLP. Finished practitioner, master, trauma and time line therapy and practicing it.

Happy to help.

Want to describe my ongoing development and successful healing cases in this blog, and believe it will help others


The Breathing

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