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Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Self-love has no negative emotions, there is acceptance, there is love, there is flow.

If we really love ourselves then there is room for the love of the other from a place of giving.

We become whole, without needing others, we do not ignore ourselves by trying to please others. When we act out of self-love, even if we don’t agree, the other loves us as well.

In order to achieve self-love, it is recommended to do exercises in front of the mirror in the morning, to smile to ourselves and to accept ourselves with love as we are, to say to ourselves in front of the mirror "I love you".

To love the mirror, love our body as it is without the need for change. Not to wait for a day that we look as we want, to accept and love what is.

To embrace ourselves every morning and to plan for good things, moments of pleasure.

To plan what we will do for ourselves today, what are the moments we will wait for with joy and happiness.

To believe that the day will be good and fulfill our dreams.

The law of attraction works, love yourself and you will receive love from the other.

After more than twenty years, of a bad habit, I succeeded with the therapy of the time line to stop the habit, out of self-love.

When we act out of self-love and our awareness rises, we understand how to differentiate what is for our own good and what is not.

The realization that I am acting in self-loathing when I hurt myself helps me stop hurting myself.

The surprise is the length of treatment, within three hours there is a change. Changes in the brain, for better or for worse, occur quickly.

I will be happy to help you, too, if there is something you do to yourself and it harms yourself, let’s get rid of it, The Breathing

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