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How to prevent energy leakage

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Yemima treatments, Mindfulness, NLP, time line therapy all reduces or even erases anger, fear, sadness, insult, guilt, all our limitations.

With meditation exercises, breathing, observing ourselves in disassociation, we free ourselves and can stably flow.

At the same time, hard things happen that anger or frighten us and move us out of our own stability. It can be a trifling thing - our child is being rude to the teacher, or more significant - natural disaster or panic attack.

What shows us what level of awareness we have reached is the magnitude of the amplitude we are moving away from our stability.

It's about the time we're unstable, in anger, fear, or whatever limitation. The faster we get back to our stability, the less energy loss.

We should forgive, accept and let go.

As in the painting attached above, the instable, limited times are supposed to be shortened and disappear. We are supposed to flow and so rise up every morning with joy, peace and happiness.

It is important to note that we do not sway in different amplitudes, do not return to events that have already happened long ago.

Sometimes, we are wronged, accused, or scapegoats of a work problem, and the energy flows to where the attention is directed. This is a basic law of NLP. This means that the less emphasis we place on an unpleasant case, the faster it will pass.

After a measured anger and as less resistance as possible, we should return to ourselves. To our natural joy, to flow and not look back.

It's our choice to move on with our natural flow.

And I'm here to help you :)

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