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How to release bad memories

Sometimes we witness a certain, unpleasant incident during the day, and the pictures come back again and again and do not give us peace. For example, we witnessed an accident or shelves fell close to us powerfully.

In order to get rid of the memory of the unpleasant event, we will learn what it is to run a movie backwards.

Imagine ourselves walking into the pool, climbing a springboard, jumping into the water.

Now we will run the film backwards: we are sucked from the water to the jump, walk back from the platform, down the stairs from the platform, back to the starting point.

Now run the film of the unpleasant scene from the end to the beginning.

Point 1 The event began, point 2 The occurrence behind us. For example: Point 1: I was standing at a pedestrian crossing. I saw a bus in front of me hitting a woman and throwing her across the street. An ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital.

Point 2: The road is cleared, there is no trace of the accident.

We run the scene from point 2 to point 1, as quickly as possible, several times. We will then examine our feelings about the event.

We will continue until we feel that it has become blurred and has disappeared from our memory.

We'll repeat it faster and faster.

We will repeat this for a few days, if necessary, until the event disappears from our memory.

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