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How to achieve a goal ?

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

There are methods in NLP that make the process of achieving any goal possible, and I will be happy to do them with you.

In addition, there are other areas such as Coaching, Time Line Therapy and various other methods.

All methods are based on the premise that you can imagine yourself achieving the goal, that it is achievable for you.

From the basic assumptions of NLP:

- Every person has all the resources to achieve the goals he needs.

- Anyone can do anything. If another person can do something specific, it is possible to create a model and learn from it.

These assumptions guarantee the ability to achieve the goal.

The resources that have helped us in past successes can also help us achieve the goal this time.

All methods lead to achieving the goal in different ways, the common denominator is the presence of the feeling that the goal has been achieved.

Until the goal is truly achieved.

An example of stages of a process to achieve a goal:

1. Take responsibility for who you are today

2. Determine your values

3. Write down the goal you want to achieve

4. Destroy memories that are not aligned with the goal you want to achieve

5. Plan your future with memories aligned with the goal

6. Make sure that your thoughts are aligned with your goal

7. Make all the steps by yourself, imagine them as alive as you can

Examples of what to do at each stage:

1. Take responsibility. Manage your own thoughts. Think about the successes of the past, with anchored thoughts, past moments of success.

2. Write down values which are related to the specific purpose:

for example:

- Results

- Freedom

- Creation

- Money

- Happiness

3. Formulate the goal in a clear, specific, simple and measurable way. So that you know how to determine its success, for example I will earn over a certain amount

A goal must be meaningful, realistic and integrated into all aspects of life: family life, work and rest. It must be responsible, harmless to others or the environment and well-articulated

4. The past can stand in your way, clear limiting beliefs or traumas of the past.

5. Visualize the future as if you have already achieved your goal

6. Take care of your thoughts. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and progress towards the goal. Make sure you finish your assignments in the best way possible and on time.

7. Work in the best way you can at any given moment.

During the process statements can be used as if the goal has already been achieved, in the style of Tony Robbins or Louise Hay.

There is another method of achieving the goal with time line therapy.

Step one time line discovery, the second step plan to reach the goal on the time line:

Step one: Discover your time line.

Imagine what direction your past is in? For example, forward / backward, right / left?

Note that there is a line linking your past direction with the direction of the future. This is your time line.

Float up above your time line, making sure you see through your eyes, or / and through another sense, for example hearing your time line.

Now when the goal is clear to you as in the previous process follow these steps:

1. Make sure that the goal is well stated by the criteria described above.

2. Determine the last step:

"What is the last thing that needs to happen, so you know you've achieved your goal?

3. Create an internal representation of the goal.

Visual, auditory or sensory representation

4. Enter into the inner representation of the goal- remain connected to the goal.

5. Get in touch with all your senses

6. Disassociate from the

7. Take the inner representation and drift over your timeline for now

8. Breathe 4 times through your nose and breathe out through your mouth, all your energy through the inner representation of your goal.

9. Flow over your time line, into the future. Take your inner representation and drift over your time line into the future.

10. Introduce the inner representation into the time line: "Release the inner representation and let it float down into the time line"

11. Notice that events between the future and the present are being updated to support the goal.

12. Return back to now.

Wish you success! And remember I'm here to help

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