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How do you handle loneliness?

Loneliness is an emotion that can be difficult and painful especially when there is no one to share it with. There are two main ways to deal with loneliness: to treat it as an opportunity of self-discovery without feeling inferior or to take a number of practical steps to find a friend. Of course one can go both ways together in the aspect of inner work. Some people can experience loneliness but not necessarily suffer from it. But when loneliness joins fears, hopelessness, guilt, anger at others ... it is clear that this is a difficult and unbearable mental state.

But if it is a sober solitude in which a person takes responsibility for the situation and does not blame others, he is willing to take the best out of this feeling, with loneliness.

So he copes well with loneliness.

If you accept the assumption that one leads itself to places where it wants to be ... It is very possible that loneliness is a desirable condition for him at this stage of his life.

Perhaps he needs space that allows him to be free from external influences that distance him from himself.

If we do not relate to feelings of isolation in a defeatist, disgruntled and accusing way, but as a situation that requires us to find within ourselves forces we have not yet met, the difficult situation becomes a challenge. To find in myself the strength to move forward, not to lose hope that things can change.

I will be happy to clean up the negative emotions with NLP treatment as described in Feel Angry, Fear, Sadness, Vulnerability, Guilt?

When we shift attention from loneliness to self-awareness, energy flows and empowers us. The change takes place, the Law of Attraction changes the course of our lives.

The second way is more practical. In our generation there is a social network that helps connect with interesting people around the world, participate in forums and respond to them. If so, you will find yourself very quickly open the computer every morning and answer the messages and messages you received.

For those who love human contact, there are many frameworks and associations that can help individual people and participate in social events, and some of them need volunteers to help them. Volunteer people complain less about their loneliness. In fact, we are all very lonely. We are born alone and are buried alone.

Everyone carries the knowledge that he is alone, despite the presence of friends and family.

Solitude is a basic human condition.

The feeling of solitude is a only a strong focus on something that is always with us.

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