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Intuition and dreams interpretation

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Twenty years ago, I studied channeling with Dorit Yaakobi in Kfar Saba. A few years later I did an intuition course with Eylon Ben Yosef. Eylon has amazing intuitions, it's fun to learn from him.

You learn to trust the universe: there is order in what happens, nothing is random, and the universe will give you what is right for you.

Eventually you learn to rely on the first answer you get when you ask yourself for any decision you want to take

We need to distinguish between the answers that pass through our desires, the mind, to those who come from an inner place of quiet, without thought.

The latter ones originate in our intuition.

It's easiest for me to channel for someone I do not know, do not know anything about, then the intuition is really working and surprisingly brings the most accurate answers.

I start with the parents' name and name and let the answers arrive. The answer is channeling.

The skill is to recognize that we do not speak with thought or impression. The more we rely on our intuitions, the more they develop, according to the Law of Attraction.

This is basically listening without judgment or rationalization.

Will be happy to channel for you.

You can do it yourself:

Write down, every morning, immediately when you wake up the contents of dreams and thoughts that come.

Dream Interpretation works through intuition and symbols.

Write down symbols that represent the elements of your dream.

By replacing the elements of the dream with their symbols we obtain the dream interpretation.

Therefore, the dreamer must be involved in interpreting its dreams, in order to know what everything that appeared in the dream symbolizes for him.

The symbol is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a dream element. Then write a story about the symbols that just pop up. This is the interpretation of the dream.

The emotions that appear in the dream, on the other hand, do reflect our present state.

For example, if we dream of a stressful test period, it warns us of pressure in the present.

More than once, I channeled a story for a friend who was sitting with me and I said everything I received knowing that it came to me for her.

You are undecided, find it difficult to make a decision?

Lie down in bed, very quietly, in the dark, and with your eyes closed, ask the question and respect the first answer that comes ...

One of the basic premises of NLP is:

Energy flows to where attention focuses.

If we pay attention to our intuition, we will flow with our energy.

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