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We are free

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

The conditions around us when we were born determine our freedom, but it is only the “seen” freedom, the external freedom.

The state, the society and the family to which we are born determine the laws of our lives, what is permitted and what is forbidden.

If we are born in a totalitarian state our freedom will be more limited than in a democratic state.

With regard to the government, the society and the family, we can proactively change our conditions and move to another country, as did many of the immigrants to Israel.

Family cannot be changed, preferably accept and flow with what is.

Sometimes we have no control over the environmental conditions and our freedom may be taken as happens to the children of abusive parents, or if we are born part of a minority, like the Jews in World War II.

Our thoughts, on the other hand, are under our control and determine our reality, everything is in our heads.

In the book Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl tells how he used guided visualization and positive thoughts to survive.

The mind does not distinguish between reality and imagination, thoughts saved Victor.

Each thought has a frequency, sadness has a lower frequency than joy.

We have the freedom to exchange thoughts at low frequency to high-frequency thought.

The way to turn sadness into joy is to think about happy things, just as lighting a candle causes darkness to disappear. The way to reach the goal is to think about it at high frequencies. The resistance law is controlled by thoughts of low frequency, joy and sadness are at the same frequency with different strengths. , as are, fear and courage.

A person who knows how to increase his frequency through happy, courageous thoughts ... is less controlled by the Resistance Law and thus achieves his goals more easily.

We are all free to choose our thoughts.

I will be happy to help you achieve your goals,

The Breathing.

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