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Criticism destroys

Criticism destroys, that's what Ymima would say.

Over the years, I am lowering the level of criticism as it is counterproductive.

Examples of criticism we encounter daily:


The most destructive and most common.

We can identify thoughts of self-criticism and replace them with thoughts of self-praise.

For example, if we criticize ourselves for not being able to get up early in the mornings and on the other hand we are aware that we are effective later in the day, and concentrate on the good only, efficiently, then the good will fill our consciousness and self-criticism will have no place.

In time we will find out that we did let go, and that is why we also manage to get up early.

Many times self-criticism roots within us, limiting beliefs, if we continue with the same example: I can not get up early in the morning.

NLP helps to deal with these limiting beliefs, replacing the limiting belief in growth belief that raises our energy level.

I will be happy to take care of you 😊


In parenthood there is no room for criticism of the children, as an educational system. A parent has to set limits, to wake up when required specifically and at the time of occurrence.

The way to improve a child is by focusing attention on the good things in the child.

Many parents think that constant criticism spurs their children. The results are sometimes good, but it is always accompanied by a lack of self-love.

The child works to please the parents, not out of love and self-interest.

A parent who emphasizes the child's good qualities, supports him with his wishes, leaves no room for criticism.

Emphasizing good, supporting the child's motivation, raises the child’s energy level and the chances of success and fulfillment, without harming the self-love of a child.

Employee motivation:

For 40 years I have managed hundreds of employees.

As the years passed, I found the right balance, how to ensure maximum motivation.

I alerted the staff to points of improvement, good ways of action on an ongoing basis.

I advised what should be done and recommended or dictated the optimal way.

During the evaluations I did not criticize, I emphasized only the good and recommended things on how to improve in the future.

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