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Body and Soul

Mental healing relaxes the body and vice versa.

If we listen to our body, eat healthy, whatever fits our body when appropriate and exercise, then we heal the mind.

Nutrition is a crucial factor in our overall feeling, and feeling good in our body causes joy.

Lightness allows us regular exercise and joy again.

The cleaning period is 3 weeks, this is the diet I did, the goal of the diet is not to lose weight but to find out what is right for your body.

I ate only fruits and vegetables for 3 weeks, cleaned my body.

Nuts, almonds and hazelnuts with a little fat.

After 3 weeks of cleaning, I added different food types and then I could feel their effect on my body.

So I discovered that milk did not do me any good and I stopped drinking it.

The same is true of carbohydrates and legumes.

Sugar is the silent killer

Below are known principles, after cleansing the body for 3 weeks, we can check what is right for us.

What weighs on the body and causes a long period of digestion?

Empty carbohydrates: white flour, white rice, etc.

Carbohydrates in general: All types of flour (rye, spelled, wheat)

Proteins: eggs, meat, cheeses (no matter how fat)

Industrial products

So make it easier to have the first three weeks

Eat fruit until noon. As many as you want, but without mixing.

Lunch consists of lots of salad, and lots of greens (coriander, parsley, lettuce, cucumber)

Peppers, only red, cabbage, radish, tomato

And next to the salad you can eat soup, a vegetable dish.

At dinner, the same thing

And in the middle meal, after about 3 hours of digestion, it is possible again fruit.

Dinner is maximum at 7

And do not eat anything until morning.

Very tasty to mix chicken with potatoes or rice and at the end of the meal enjoy watermelon.

But what happens in the stomach is that the enzymes to release a protein are different from the enzymes to unload carbohydrates.

When we combine them, we actually neutralize the stomach juices and it is difficult to digest, so the digestion takes a long time.

Fruits however are digested fast.

If you eat them at the end of the meal, they will start to ferment in the stomach, because the proteins and carbohydrates (chicken and potatoes)

have not yet been evacuated to digestion in the small intestine.

Therefore, fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach:

After the night

After about 3 hours digestion of lunch.

I systematically examined how my body reacted.

Light body, good feeling, lots of joy and a healthy mind.

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