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Continue to live, improving every day

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Every day we should develop, enjoy the sunrise, listen to birds singing, learn to appreciate life and beauty more.

Every day we learn new things, without going back to the past or yearning for the future. Enrich ourselves and the environment in ongoing renewal.

The new things we learn protect us and our brain.

The number of our brain cells will not increase throughout our lives and will gradually diminish. However, until our last day, new synapses will continue to grow in our brain, and existing synapses will be strengthened, with everything new learned and remembered.

Opposition to events in our lives attracts unwelcome events.

Resistance to ourselves, can cause us physical and mental injuries.

Resistance to our children causes them to do precisely the opposite and may divert them in the wrong direction.

I knew a woman who opposed the life of her daughter, which led her to a serious illness.

We transmit resistance and get it back, law of attraction.

Acceptance of what is going on in our in our lives, makes undesirable events pass faster.

In the evening before bedtime, and in the morning as soon as we wake up we can communicate clearly to our consciousness and make sure that our desires are fulfilled.

Trust life as we trust that the next breath will come after the current breath.

Be close to yourself, love yourself.

You can practice, you can face the mirror every day to express love for yourself, decide to do things that do you good.

Enjoy the pain, learn to live with pain. We need to know our bodies and the pains of our bodies.

To concentrate on the non-painful points in the body, and to get close to painful points with good feeling.

Energetic treatments, hypnosis and mindfulness, and many other methods can teach us how to overcome pain.

If we know the methods that best suit us, we can free ourselves from pain.

In everything that happens we can find the positive side, to concentrate on it, in this way we can go through everything and keep the joy in our heart.

This way we will live happily ever after and will be happy for our surroundings until our last breath.

“It is a great mitzvah to be always happy”

Rabbi Nachman of Breslau

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