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Resistance and relationships

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

We are not always aware of the attraction of the resistance. We oppose the way our parents behave to find out that we are acting like them, see Mama. If we were overwhelmed with feelings of insult, someone did something unpleasant to us, for example the manager gave the job we wanted to someone else. Resisting what has already happened will not help. Resistance will distance the manager from us and lead us to a lack of success later on. What we give gets back to us, our resistance will bring us the manager resistance to us.

We should recognize, accept and express emotions in a clear and constructive way. For example, let the manager understand that it is now up to him to reach an agreement with you about your future.

In relationships we oppose to the threats of being left, or leaving a partner, pulling him back only to create a pattern of more frequent and repeated threats or departures.

It is our resistance that draws the partner back, but not for the right reasons, that can lead to continued good relationship for fond feelings and love.

If we release our objections and surrender to the flow and acceptance of our emotions, then we will be released from the behavioral pattern.

We will release and then we will get release back, the Law of Attraction, so that we may continue the relationship.

Resistance is usually accompanied by negative feelings of anger, sadness, fear, insult or shame. If we clean these feelings, the resistance will probably disappear or be more controlled.

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