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Law of Attraction - Depression or Success?

My daughter sent me a video about how people who threaten to commit suicide in Africa are treated.

Is she depressed again?

She added a sentence in "Subject": " About depression, answers to your questions."

I do not remember asking about depression ...

I went through a hard night with doubts about what she meant, and how depressed she was.

In the morning I called and asked what exactly she meant?

I got an explanation: It's okay to be sad, you have to understand it.

I do understand that a person can be sad, it also brings him some benefit, otherwise he would not do it. For example, my daughter believes it is necessary for writing, for creativity.

It is not clear to me - if she and many others like her understand the additional consequences of sadness.

In her, the sadness stems from the lack of achievement of the goal, which causes the transmission of low energy towards achieving the goal, which causes not o achieve the goal even more.

Law of Attraction is simple, want to achieve your goal?

Assume that the current situation is in the right way to achieve the goal, everything is good, and will be better when the goal is achieved.

Keep your energy level high in every possible way, imagine that you've already achieved your goal -

Success is guaranteed!

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