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Chronic pain therapy

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Many of us suffer from chronic pain. We tried conventional and alternative medicine, and it did not help.

It is important to know that there are other ways.

Since everything is in the mind, it is possible to teach the pain cells to occupy themselves with something other than pain.

As in the Gaga dance, in Ohad Naharin's film, life can contain both pain and pleasure at the same time.

That is what I meant when I wrote to enjoy the pain in the blog Continuation Life is improving.

In neuroscience, the areas of the brain that activate the pain can be identified.

The rule of thumb revealed by Donald Hebb defines the basis for NLP therapy. The law says:

Neurons that fire together wire together

Two brain cells that “worked” together - are more likely to “work“ together the next time.

This pain may lead to a phenomenon that even if the source of the pain has been removed, areas of pain can begin to work together again. If as a result of a small blow or discomfort, they "recall" that they had worked together in the past and the whole area of ​​pain was re-ignited.

For pain, brain regions that activate pain are mapped as areas that are responsible for pain as well as visualization.

Therefore, pain can be resolved by guided imagery, replacing the "preoccupation" of cells with pain, in dealing with guided imagery, and Norman Doidge's second book describes this method, see further inspiration on this site.

The mind does not distinguish between fantasy and reality. If we imagine that the areas of the brain that are activated by pain, like being illuminated by lights, become clean areas without pain, it will happen.

You should get NLP therapy with a similar method, as well as energetic treatment using the Sheikim method.

Please contact me, I will be happy to help you

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