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What is stress?

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

With patients who complained about stress, I discovered that it was just the symptom, behind which lies fear.

Since the opposite of fear is love, when we achieve a strong self-love, fear disappears and with it stress.

Daily meditation lowers the level of stress. Although it is symptom therapy only, it is easier to treat the cause of stress from a state of relaxation. The stress may disappear.

We accept that after each breath comes another breath, we take it for granted, in the same way we can count on things to work out, stress will not help.

One patient was in constant stress, between work and care for her three children, in an effort to share the burden with her husband.

After she discovered that the stress was caused by fear that the relationship would break down because of the burden of life, the fear dissipated.

The very understanding of why things happen sometimes manages to solve the problem.

Another patient was constantly stressed at work, and any task given to him increased the tension. It turned out he was afraid of failure.

Failure is feedback to growth, it is one of the basic rules of NLP. It is worth forgive-accept- let go .

The realization that failure is is our best teacher, frees fear. Ali Baba explains this well in his film.

It is worthwhile educating our children that failure is an opportunity, it sharpens the direction of possible success, and helps reach long-term goals.

Those who succeed in everything do not know what their real advantage is.

My daughter always complained that I had not forced her to success just like other mothers.

I'm sure she will thank me one day.

Success to all of us 😊

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