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Healing fear of cockroaches

Fear of cockroaches is a phobia, if it has at least some of the symptoms described below. Surprisingly, our brain learns quickly, phobia is quickly acquired and can be quickly solved with NLP

Phobia- The term "phobia" describes a state of mind of fear, recoil, or chronic panic, or exaggeration from an object or situation, which seriously disrupts life. The word is derived from the Greek word meaning fear, and in some cases a strong rejection. (Phobos is the name of the god of fear)

Phobia is one of the most common behavior disorders among mental disorders. In clinical psychology, phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that is usually defined as persistent fear of an object or condition. Sometimes

Often known as irrational and rational.

In this situation, an exaggerated effort is made by the phobic sufferer to avoid encountering the object, disproportionately in relation to the level of danger posed by this encounter.

Symptoms of phobia

The most prominent symptoms in people with phobia are:

Panic, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, accelerated heart palpitations, discomfort or chest pain, a feeling of suffocation, sweat, numbness in the limbs, dizziness, and a feeling of fainting. These symptoms appear in two cases: when the affected person is directly exposed to the deterrent object or to the situation and the second case in which a reaction of fear occurs from thinking of the deterrent object. In some cases, the symptoms worsen and result in severe panic attacks. In cases where the symptoms are severe, the phobias isolate themselves from the external environment.

Children may also experience crying symptoms, fearlessness, or attachment to another person.

Phobia can be treated with NLP.

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