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Fear is the opposite of love

What we transmit comes back to us, so when we love we get back love.

If we fear, it returns to us, hurts our self-love, lowers our energy and attraction of high energy. Fear attracts things to us with the same poor energy and we end up getting less love, less abundance.

In a relationship, the fear that the other will leave kills the love.

The fear of failure kills our initiative, the possible success.

Fear of disappointment prevents us from entering into a relationship.

Fear of death kills us, still alive.

Thoughts of concern and fear for the fate of our loved ones are a negative blow to our loved ones.

Releasing them, sending love and compassion to our loved ones raises them on an energetic level and gives real protection.

Many times we rationalize why we do or do not do something, but the reason is fear.

It is hard to identify the fear, but if we are, here are 12 ways to overcome it:

1. To identify a thought of fear, to penetrate it, to dwell into it, and to understand that there is nothing in it, then fear disappears from itself.

2. We control our thoughts, the way to stop thinking about fear is to think of something else.

Replace a thought of fear with love or compassion.

3. Understand that the probability of fear being realized is statistically small.

For example, fear of flying, that the plane will fall, the chance is less than death from a traffic accident.

To read the book "Do not worry" by Dale Carnegie, it helped me.

4. Fill life with love, compassion and joy, don’t give room to fear.

5. Take a notebook. Write down, preferably at the end of the day, in detachment, from third position, when you acted out of fear during the day. Writing must be done without criticism or struggle of ourselves. At the same time, the things we write are things we would like them to disappear from our lives.

To do work according to the Yemima method. Over time, the causes of fear become clearer and fear disappears.

6. Go for NLP treatment.

Fear can be treated in NLP.

If fear interferes with daily functioning, it is probably phobia and treatment will help.

7. Trust that everything will be fine, everything is for the best, there is nothing to fear.

After all, we trust that we will continue to breathe, that after one breath there will come another, so we can stop being afraid.

8. Practice self-love.

Every day in front of the mirror, to give myself compliments, full of love.

Do things that do me good.

Self-love makes fear disappear

9. Meditate every day. It relaxes and expels fear.

10. It will not happen to me

11. Make a list of statements that bring confidence to you. I'm fine, I live in peace, joy and confidence.

Repeat the statements during the day or when fear appears.

12. With guided imagination, think of a places and events that bring you peace, love, compassion, joy, pleasure. The mind does not distinguish between fantasy and reality. An example of guided imagery meditation

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