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All healing therapies are based on the same principles

This week I listened to "Conversations in Paradise" a podcast that provides mindful, accessible and effective tools for accurate behavior and life improvement... The speakers want to convey that  paradise is here and happiness is available to all. The method of therapy is called pulling  threads.
All methods lead us to change what happens in our subconscious mind. Since the subconscious is the one who controls our behavior, the different therapy methods penetrate the subconscious mind, thus changing us.

In graphology, astrology, numerology and palmstry consultations the consulted is surprised. The consulted is surprised at the consultant's ability to talk about hidden things in his mind, he thought no one knows these things about him, he is exposed, because he allows the consultant to penetrate his subconscious mind. Then, come recommendations and also persuasions in the consultant's ability to fulfill his wishes, since the subconscious believes that the wishes can indeed be fulfilled, a 'miracle' happens and they come true. Thus the consulted thoughts, implanted in its subconscious, attract his wishes, as they become the same, the real subconscious thoughts and wishes. This is done by the law of attraction.

The so called Imima therapy, takes longer , through contemplating yourself in third position without intervention and effortlessly, disconnected, you convince your subconscious of your desires, your true wishes. When the subconscious understands what was in the way of fulfilling the wish, the resistance disappears.
In the NLP therapy, timeline therapy, we infuse our subconscious with strengths (our existing resources) that allow our wishes to come true, the subconscious is convinced that it can and it fulfills, attracts the fulfillment of our wishes.
In the end we reach self-love and self-confidence and then nothing stands before us.
The same thing happens with the method of pulling threads, identifying the limiting belief (named role by the therapy method), something that holds us back, and then, we believe in the surprising method, shown with the evidence that many have used it successfully, believing it is successfull at the subconscious level, it does.

Mindfulness, teaches us to concentrate on breath as we watch the thoughts pass. At this time we recognize the thoughts. In fact, we learn to penetrate the subconscious mind and continue to identify the subconscious thoughts. We learn how to control our thoughts, to eliminate the limiting beliefs. This opens the way to healing, to success.
And if you did not succeed,
I'd love to help you in therapy,
The Breathing


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