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Anxiety, depression, sadness might be only symptoms

I recently met patients who were on medication for a poor mental state, felt well for a while, and then

a new trigger brought them back to a poor state of mind. For example, anxieties that have returned because of the current political or security situation.

Or in cases where the source of the poor mental state is unknown.

Maybe you've been traumatized and still have flashbacks, or if there's a genetic problem,

known in the family that causes poor mental states, in cases where the drug treatment actually helps remove the symptoms, for a period of time. In these cases, the poor mental state is actually the symptom and it is worth treating the root of the problem.

In such cases in particular, and in cases of poor mental state in general, it is worthwhile to go to therapy and adopt new lifestyle habits

New ones that will prevent a return to a poor mental state, such as physical exercise, or a healthy diet, as it is well known that body and mind are connected.

If you return to a poor mental state, adding another medication may cause unwanted side effects.

This is a slippery slope of multiple drugs that on the one hand improves, but on the other hand worsens because of side effects and drug interactions.

You should do self-treatments, like meditation every day when you get up in the morning or do your own therapy or build anchors for relaxation, you can use guided imagery that I would love to prepare, tailored especially for you.

Sometimes the root of the mental state is an 'inheritance' from the family, and this too can be treated.

With the help of NLP treatments I do, it is possible to find the root of the problem, treat the trauma and limiting beliefs or obsessive thoughts

With love

I would love to help you to remove your traumas and fears for a better future,

The Breathing

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