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Balance is Happiness

I recently did an addiction therapy course, I added new therapy methods to my toolbox. To my surprise anything that causes us to have an imbalance in our lives, such as workaholism, those who work all the time, or those who seemingly sacrifice themselves to take care of their children, is an addiction to some degree. The therapy I have learned can balance any of these. The therapy is in stages and includes many known therapy methods. The balancing begins with stimulating the motivation for therapy and continues with what is described below. You can work on it by yourself.

Use guided imagery to the desired good future, removal of addiction, imagine the desired future, deepening in the desired state, feeling it in all the subconscious submodalities, then anchoring the desired state. Motivation to achieve the goal. To be able to get rid of addiction, like any change we want to bring about in our lives, we need to strengthen ourselves to find our strengths and act when we are at high energy levels, when our now is at a high energy level. The gravitational pull of high energy will magnetize to us occurrences at the same level and thus change our future. One of the methods for achieving this goal is described below.

It is worth going back to those moments that did us good in our past, when we were strong. These are the moments that can give us strength in the future too. Sometimes when it is difficult for us in the present we remember the moments when we managed to overcome similar situations in the past in an intuitive way and overcome the present problems. Just as the physical body knows how to let go and heal itself after an injury or illness, so too the mind intuitively seeks its own ways. Thus a memory of strength from the past will be effective in the present. In order to become stronger from memory, it is desirable that we experience the memory in all the subconscious submodalities. To experience what we felt, heard, saw, tasted, smelled in that empowering experience. This is the beginning of healing through good memory, a time when we had the resources we needed now. Exercises of entering into an empowering experience of the past and exiting can balance us in the present.

Once we have managed to return to the experience once, the next times are easier. One can begin to relate to a feeling, an experience, or a resource. One can begin to change the structure of the subconsciousthe good memory, in a way that makes the experience work in the best way. Gives the best feeling. For example, you can imagine a picture of the memory and bring the picture closer, making it bigger and brighter. Check the intensity of the image and the effect, look for a better and stronger feeling. Use your imagination and make the image closer, bigger, brighter, more colorful. If it's a picture then exhale it with life and movement, if it's a movie turn into pictures. The goal is to imprint within us the best experience of the good memory. Make the resources that filled us during the good memory, a part of us in the present. In the same way you can change the audio of the experience, amplify lower, reach the best experience.

You should return to moments of good and powerful resources such as: Focus: This should be an example of focused attention. Make sure it was something you enjoyed, that you managed to concentrate and get the most out of it. Choose a memory with no regrets or mixed feelings. Solid, stable: A time when you made a good decision, one that continues to be good even today. When you make the decision there is a feeling that tells you, "this is it" this is a feeling we want. Good: A time when you completely surprised yourself by being able to do something, and do it well. For example, you managed to ride a bicycle Fun: A period, an event, a time when you really enjoyed, had fun and were immersed in the good experience like a trip, vacation, guidance. It can also be a simple moment, of pleasure Trust: a time when you relied on yourself, walked with your believing self, you were honest and true to yourself. Something you can do skillfully, reliably and repeatedly.

A combination of the five resources creates a new situation, a feeling that gives strength and changes the now. You should empower every memory, make it a feeling, anchor the feeling. With daily work of returning to emotions and / or anchors there is a strengthening and then life can be balanced. Ensure that work, family, leisure, helping others, relationships and learning have a balanced place in our lives, you divide your time equally between them. This balance leads to joy and happiness. Wish you success! If you need help , I will be happy to I'm here for you, The Breathing

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