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Covid increases anxiety in youth

I have recently treated many children, young people with anxieties that started during Covid times. To my surprise younger people are very open to treatment, and manage to overcome anxiety after one session with the help of therapy guidelines. Most of them are ready to start immediately with a 15 minute meditation: Everyone reports improvement, calmness after they do morning meditations.

They accept that the mind does not differentiate between imagination and reality, everything you see or imagine you see is the same in terms of the mind, as if it is really happening. I explain to them that every occurrence is perceived with the help of the subconscious and embedded within them with their help. So during anxiety if they manage to change the anxiety with the help of a change of at least in one of the submodalities, the anxiety will go away. A boy told me that for him anxiety is a black ball in the stomach. I asked him to imaginatively paint the anxiety gray and move it towards the legs. He did so enthusiastically and felt immediate relief. It is enough to change something, in feeling, in visuals like color, size, light, darkness or day, in hearing, like changing melody, smell.

Building an imaginary device to kill anxiety also works great Motivation for healing to happen is one of the major contributing factors, so lying down and dreaming about what life will look like without anxiety, with calm, happiness and light, evokes the desire for change, the motivation. Writing thank you..., thanking for everything there is, writing a thank you note. Looking in the mirror and loving yourself. Smiling to yourself and all. The way to reach a life without anxiety is described in the blog to achieve a goal, it is basically suitable for any purpose ... Good luck

If you need help, I would love to make tailored meditation for relaxation or therapy for those who need it, I'm here for you, The Breathing


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