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Diagnosis shapes our destiny

After many years my patient has found a partner, seemingly all is well, work, family, love.
Then suddenly the level of creatinine, the measure of kidney function, increased, after many years of stability.
During therapy, it became clear that the new relationship had brought her back to the previously failed relationship. The fear that the current relationship will end like the previous one has led to the rise of creatinine values. It is widely believed that fear causes kidney disease

The doctor began to prepare her for dialysis and kidney transplantation.
The private health insurance agent recommended to perform the kidney transplant prior to retirement, as part of group insurance.
All this and the desire to please, (which existed in the patient), led her to the belief that this is what it is, that there is no other choice.
The fear of abandonment and the desire to please along with the medical diagnosis led her to hold on to the commonly held beliefs of her illness.
The way to deal with the disease and to reduce creatinine is by working on changing beliefs.
With the help of NLP, we eliminated the fear and started working on changing beliefs.
The last test was good.
As we continue to work on the right beliefs and thoughts for healing, joy and success, we hope for the results to improve.
Thereis hope!
with love,
The Breathing
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