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Without getting old

I started writing this blog long before the corona virus. Hope the virus passes soon and believe that what I wrote can be accomplished along with the virus. The corona virus encourages us not to think old, look inside us and especially appreciate what we have, not taking it for granted.   Let's dream about the day after the Corona.

There are many ways to deal with old age. I will concentrate on 3 main points, that together can guarantee us a good life to the end without getting old: designation, acceptance and state of awareness can lead you to a calm and carefree life.

Designation To get up every morning with a new happy song in your heart, with joy, with a clear understanding about the meaning of your life, to make sure that we have a reason to get up, that we have something useful to do. A Hobby, a preocuppation, thinking anything that causes us further self development. The designation can be changed according to the circumstances. If in our professional lives we have been leaders, or managers, we can move on to volunteer, study, new profession, care for grandchildren, family, trips around the world. We can volunteer, study, learn even a new profession or field, take care of grandchildren, family, travel the country or around the world As long as we have a reason to get up in the morning, meaning, motivation, purpose of doing, all is well. Acceptance Research shows that continuing to be active, to learn, to exercise and proper nutrition are important throughout life, especially while reaching old age. Being active while getting old and the study of nuns explain very well what we should do. Studies show that learning in general and languages ​​in particular, continued exercise, regular physical activity, and proper nutrition, can make signs of illness invisible, such as Alzheimer's, even though the disease is present. Synapses form and sometimes cover the absence of brain cells. At the same time, one must accept that biological wear occurs in any multi-celled creature, depending on the age of the creature, its genetic charge as an individual and its environment. Accept our condition to treat it with conventional or complementary medicine to the best of our understanding. Get help and help our family when needed, allow taking care of you if needed. Flow with changes and accept them without forgetting your destiny and state of mind to be positive and full of joy. 📷 State of Awareness Loving ourselves, meditating, developing, striving for high levels of awareness can keep us young forever. The body and mind balance us, all the way through. Every thought we have creates our reality, old age thoughts create for us old age reality. One should avoid focusing on age with the expectation of the signs of old age because it is a self-fulfilling prophesy, law of attraction. Affirmations, sentences that empower us, every day with a focus on designation and acceptance ensure that we move in the right direction of joy and happiness. It is possible and desirable to do exercises every morning in front of the mirror with repetition of the sentences that empower us: I am beautiful, I am happy to get up every morning, I am busy and happy.

Wish you success, and I am here to help

The Breating

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