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The method described below was invented by Richard Bandler one of the NLP founders.
Our beliefs are based on the certainty of our thoughts.
Once we believe in something we look for ways to prove its correctness.
In this method we look for ways to doubt our limitations and gain confidence about what is desirable for us.
To make change we need to find a way to change our beliefs, build new beliefs and hold them over time. To change a belief we need a way to recognize the quality of the belief. If you were asked if the sun would rise tomorrow, you would immediately answer yes. In addition to answering yes, you saw in your mind a representative of the sun shining.
Ask yourself the question and check the representation of the answer that comes to your mind. I see, for example, a sun with red tones on the top right and it shines, rising now.

It teaches me that the representation of my beliefs that I want  to come true should be on the top right, as much as possible and as much as possible in color. That is why I practice every day and as much as possible the representation of my desires and aspirations in this way. I increase the representation of desires as much as possible and strengthen the color as much as possible.
Let's try to think of something that is not certain to happen. For example, I'm not sure I'll be satisfied after dinner, there may not be enough food. Thoughts also have an internal representation. For example, I see a black and white image on the bottom left.
Take a look at your representations of uncertain versus doubtful thoughts.

This is how you can plan, for example, what I want to think of, with a prominent color on the top right, what we want to see, for example, doubts about our desired capabilities, down the left side in black and white as little as possible.
Therefore, it is important that everyone finds their own internal representation and practices it regularly.
Internal representations can also be expressed in the form of sounds and / or smells.
Most important are the differences between the two representations.
The steps are:
Think of something you believe in very strongly, like the sunrise.
Look at the pictures, voices and emotions that arise when you think this sure thought, and the degree of certainty.
Go over all the existing senses and test their power when you think about the thought, the sure belief
Think about something you doubt, feel insecure about it.
Concentrate on their differences.
List of modalities/ sub-modalities to note:

Visual Sub-modalities:
Number of images
Color/Black and white
Location in space
Flat/ 3D image
Auditory Sub-modalities:
Direction, for example, hear from left to right

Kinesthetic Sub-modalities:
Location in body
Tactile sensations
Pulse rate
Breathing rate
Direction of feeling in the body/Movement
Olfactory/Gustatory Sub-modalities:
Pungency(strenght of smell)
Once you have both lists, you can see the differences between how your mind represents a sure belief / thought for a doubt / thought.
Think of a problem you have, such as I'm not worth enough.
First of all tell yourself, I am tired of this thought. Enough with that thought. This is a necessary first step to resolve.
Then look at the image that describes the problem in your mind.
Move the image to the place of the doubtful image, accompanied by the other senses.
It is important that you do this quickly.
Move it as far as possible, to small and colorless place.
Think of something you want, be self-confident and think that you are equal and successful.

Think of this picture as a sure belief / thought. Big close color ...
The steps to change belief are:
Think of a belief that restricts you
Think of a belief you want, a belief that develops you
Explore the sense of certainty and doubt
Think of the limiting belief in the way it disappears as the doubt disappears
Think of the desired belief in the same way that you thought of a certain belief 
Repeat these steps quickly several times
When we believe we are successful, the law of attraction does indeed bring us success.
Wish you success!
Remember, I'm always here to help
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