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How to overcome fear

When we feel fear, if we look inside our bodies we will feel where it starts, usually it is from the stomach to the throat, and then it supposedly suffocates us. If that were true, fear would stop. Since we continue to feel the fear, it means it continues to turn around. It must be a repetitive cycle because otherwise it would stop.

Every panic comes quickly, and starts with a certain timing. If we know it starts, then we'll know how to change it.

The feeling must move in a circle, otherwise the feeling will disappear.

Find, see and feel the circle with your eyes closed. See the color of the circle and its rotation.

Take the circle out of your mind. Change the color and direction and put it back into the body.

That turns the inside upside down, so that the end is a beginning, only the feeling is completely different.

Fear stops, silence prevails.

If fear returns again to do the same thing. And so again and again.

In time it becomes habit.

We throw out the fear again and again.

Add to it a deep breath and exhalation ... and feel the calm ... and at the same time joy that overcomes the fear ...

The subconscious learns to feel new sensations ... At some point, we learned something that is useful, afraid ... When you learn something that is not useful, you should change it.

And now, the best thing to do now is add a sense of humor.

To go back in time, when we tried not to laugh, and yet we laughed and could not help ourselves, something that was really stupid, a memory that was forbidden to laugh and yet the laughter came out and now fills us from the inside.

When you laugh from within, you can find the resource to help you start making the change that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

So it's time to go back to the past tense, shake your toes and start smiling .... and ... intensify ... and twist .... multiply the image that made the laugh and doubled the volume.

A small chuckle begins and spreads from the inside, and from now on the subconscious learns to put a smile in any situation where until today there was fear.

We can let ourselves think of all the situations in which there was fear and see them disappear, because wherever there was fear our subconscious comes and replaces it with laughter.

From now on, when you turn the feeling toward the new one, you can laugh at the fear.

What is beautiful in the past is that it belongs to the past ... In the future there is no end to abilities and possibilities ...

Turn the feeling in the opposite direction, smile, laugh, shake your toes.

We control our feelings, no matter what we fear, it can be changed.

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