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For a better future

For a better future: this is a method that allows us to feel good about ourselves, based on NLP, imagination and sub-modalities.

Sort the significant memories of the past in pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

Imagine the unpleasant ones  smaller, black and white. See yourself from outside, connecting, as a viewer to yourself in the unpleasant events. See them in dissotiation, looking at yourself. This process, is the coding process experiences, so it is called, order all past unpleasant experiences, already encoded in the new encoding in the column on the timeline. In chronological order constitutes a god of the past. Page / Sit back with your back to the past and quickly move back through all these experiences in order to completely break away from them. At the end of the process, return to the present.
Reconnecting to pleasant experiences:
Encode all the pleasant memories of the past in vivid, life-size colors when you see them through your eyes, while you are fully connected to yourself.

Arrange all past experiences in chronological order on the timeline, and mark the pleasant experiences for the purpose of this procedure. Imagine yourself flying above past experiences until you have achieved your moment of becoming. Here go down and fast forward through all the pleasant experiences of your life, when you reconnect fully to experiences, all the way to the present.

Bring to the present new thinking about the pleasant and unpleasant events that allow learning from the past.
Bring the new way of thinking into the future.
Wish you success and a better life !

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