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Help and be helped

This week while doing NLP treatement, I discovered that the problem of the patient also exists in me, through the treatment I managed to treat myself.
This demonstrates that when you help you are helped.
Sometimes when my mood is low, the treatment, the feeling that I have managed to help someone, raises my spirits, helps me.
Thus, helping attracts help to yourself, law of attraction.

I discovered Marshall Rosenberg, close communication - a language for life, which also proves the same principles.
It is interesting to find out that each of us gets when he gives.
This principle can be found in many examples.
The Pilates teacher plans exercises for a certain class according to her body needs, practices us and herself.
A student who helps another student solve a problem deepens his knowledge.
The energy therapist, for example in the method of the seikim, also handles himself, the energies reach both the patient and the therapist.
Help and you get helped even more.

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