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Hollistic therapy

This week I advised a young girl how to  find a suitable career and a relationship.
After examining the potential with numerology and astrology, found her vocation and suitable career, analyzed the existing situation with palmstry and graphology, then the reasons that hindered her in achieving the goals became clear.
The issues were related to restrictive thoughts, fear of failure, shyness and most of all lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.
First we identified traumas in her past.
After clearing the traumas, we released the energy that was still hidden in them.
It is a process that gives a feeling of lightness and new energy that can now, with renewed forces, erase the limiting thoughts.
These thoughts, usually related to imprints from parents, happened in early childhood.
The way to change is accompanied by daily meditations by the mindfulness method, the daily method, and acceptance.
Then timeline therapy  helps us get rid of shyness and fear like fear of failure.
Hence the road to success is very short.
I would love to lead you on this path.
with love,


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