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How to fall asleep

Recently many of my patients have insomnia and take pills to sleep. The pills are unhealthy, addictive and over time ineffective. It is an addiction that can and should be avoided.
Each of us is able to hypnotize himself, to enter a trance and to fall asleep.
There are auto suggestion tests and then hypnosis exercises that are successful for everyone without exception.
For auto suggestion tests find a partner who will watch you and tell you how you reacted. Find  a quiet place and do the following auto suggestion tests
1. Heavy book and balloon

Hold your arms out in front of you, at shoulder height, with the palm of your hand up. Close your eyes. Rotate the right hand with the palm of your hand facing up.
Imagine a heavy book lying in your right hand, lowering your hand down, down.
Imagine your left hand tied to a helium balloon that pulls it up, up.
The viewer will look at the gap between the hands.
The duration of the experiment is between 10 and 30 seconds.
If there is a significant gap between the hands it is possible to stop prematurely.
2. Check fingers
Hold your hands together in front of you with crossed fingers, and lift your two fingers straight up.
Keep your fingers away from each other.
The gap between the fingers is one indicator of how a person responds to hypnosis. If the fingers reverse the direction, then the same will happen during hypnosis. Need to reverse the guidelines.
3. A rocking position

Stand upright, turn your face upwards and look up.
Look upwards and imagine you rocking back and forth.
The observer will see the degree of vibration.
The more a person responds to the practice of suggestion, the easier it will be for him to hypnotize himself.
That means he will need less hypnosis exercises.
Exercise to fall asleep:
1. Imagine yourself going down the stairs and counting from 9 to 0, each step you go down and down.
When you reach  0, a door opens to sleep and you fall asleep.
Depending on the results of the suggestion test, you can repeat the hypnosis exercise several times.
Each time going more down and down, making the hypnosis deeper and deeper.
2. You can focus on a hypnotic picture like the one shown above. In your imagination, you concentrate on the picture once with your right eye and then with your left eye and then with both your eyes. And repeat it several times more, if there was no response to the suggestion exercises.
In time, it starts being easier to hypnotise yourself

Good night!
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