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How to overcome a harmful relationship

The method  described here, is the method of Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NLP.
The beginning of the way to overcome a failed relationship is to build a belief that we deserve a good life. Everyone has this right.
A harmful relationship is worthy of completion. Whoever believes that he deserves a good life, it will be easier for him to leave a harmful relationship.

Successful relationships are based on togetherness, shared growth, improving life and health together.
It's worth learning to get out of a failed, harmful, destructive relationship, leaving it behind.
The success of separation is what allows the continuation, the prospect of a good new relationship.
Following are the steps to be followed: 
Remind yourself of  5 to 10 bad memories of the relationship. Write down your memories. Then, imagine them from beginning to end, connected and bigger than reality, with color, with sound, with the negative emotions. Then reconstruct them one by one in your imagination.
Continue to the same, again and again, until you feel a change in your feelings.

Take good memories of the relationship, reduce their image, recreate them in disassociation, run them from the end to the beginning until the time before the first meeting with the partner. Change the pictures, to small, white dawn, different sounds, it changes the feelings towards them.
Then you can think of something disgusting, repulsive you've seen. It could be a dish, a picture, an event you felt disgusted with, repulsive. Then imagine the repulsive image of the thing that repels the connection and big and put in the middle the image of the partner. The Association, the connection between these two things helps us to reconcile, to overcome the failed relationship.
In the end we can imagine ourselves happy and free from the failed relationship, and it will happen.
In addition there is a therapy invented by Robert Mc Donald for releasing emotional enmeshment, contact me for this therapy.
I will finish with the famous song- fifty ways to leave your lover on this subject


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