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How to overcome fear, fear of flight

There is Dale Carnegie's  "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" book that has helped many stop worrying and fear.
Below I summarize the methods for treating fear in general and fear of flight in particular.
Many of them help overcome any fear or anxiety.
It is a way to get rid of your fears by yourself.
After all, it is awkward to be afraid and when the moment comes when we are tired of our own fear it may be the moment when we stop being afraid.
To get there faster, you can do the following:
Think about five times when you felt embarrassed by your fear
2. Imagine a movie for the first time. Then the second, third, fourth and fifth time.
3. Connect all the movies together, one after the other, into one ongoing movie that makes you feel embarrassed as you become full of fear.

4.Run the movie in your imagination over and over again, in full-color, larger and larger. Until you feel really embarrassed.
5. Do this until you start to tell yourself, that's ridiculous. That's enough, enough is enough.

During anxiety and fear, you can do the following:
Ask yourself where does the fear start? Ask yourself does it start in your fingers? Does it start in the throat?
Do you start to feel the fear in your chest? Do you begin to hear the fear in your ears? As fear moves in your body, does it move back and forth to stay in place, either right or left?
Once you understand the direction of fear, you can turn fear faster and faster. Feel more fear. That's good because then you realize you can control fear.

Imagine a circle moving in the direction of your fear, the circle is your fear, imagine red arrows moving along with the fear.
Once you see the red arrows, stop the fear rotation, turn it in the opposite direction and paint it in blue. Once fear begins to turn in the opposite direction, it ceases to be fear. It's actually a good feeling. You turn the blue circle faster and faster and the feeling of security increases. To summarize what needs to be done:

1. Think about your fear of flying
2. Notice in which direction the fear is rotating inside you, imagine it rotating with red arrows pointing in the direction of rotation
3. Imagine taking the anxiety out of the body and changing the direction of the rotation. Change the arrow colors to blue. Bring the fear back into you.
4. Keep turning the blue arrows faster and faster inside the body, more and more quickly, noticing the change in feeling.
5. Think of something that gives you a feeling of comfort. Check the direction of the pleasant feeling.
6. Turn the pleasant feeling inside you, feel good
7. In time, feel good and pleasant The good feeling will concentrate on the present moment, what you hear, see feel.

Vibrations, jumps of a plane while flying are frightening. When we are in a boat and it swings and jumps when it touches the water it rises above the water. The same thing happens on the plane when it touches an air pocket, in hard air. As we are not afraid of sailing in the boat we should not be afraid of a plane. In fact, the jumps of the plane are supposed to strengthen us and convince us that the plane is not falling.

Sometimes when we look at a problem from the past, we laugh at ourselves, not realizing how we could be afraid, such a foolish thing.
Laughing at ourselves now is also a way to overcome anxiety.
1. Think of a time you laughed, you couldn't stop laughing. Remember it as powerfully as possible, with emotion.
2. Start laughing again while you remember
3. Now think about your fear while laughing and see how it changes. 
The way you see, hear and feel the fear changes!
The goal is to change your thought, not to be afraid of yourself.
When you think of something scary, you have to change your thought. Change the sound. Reduce the image you see. Learn how to control what you think. This includes what you think about the past.

Timeline therapy can also release fear and also reach this goal:

1. The goal is to fly feeling good
2. If during flight we felt normal and good, we achieved the goal
3. Feel normal and relaxed while concentrating on your sight, listen and feel your feeling in your body
4. Hover over your timeline with this good feeling, breathe deeply 4 times. Breathe through the nose and exhale all the energy of the good feeling through the mouth, after a calm flight, feeling good
5. Release that good feeling over your future timeline
6. Note that the events between the future and the present are updated to support this goal
7. Hover back to now

If the fear of flying has become a habit for you, free yourself from the habit in the following way, which includes imaginary steps:
1. Connect to the feeling of fear
2. Imagine the fear as a shadow
3. Find out what the connection to fear looks like, for example a rope that connected to the body, or any other way
4. Think about cutting the connection to the fear
5. Discovering something positive that fear serves us. Everything we do for ourselves has a positive intention for ourselves. There is something good about the fear that serves us, finding out what it is.
6. Imagine sculpting our self free from fear, at ease and happy, our wonderful self
7. Disconnect the shadow from yourself and connect yourself in the same way to your wonderful self
8. Check how you will remain connected to your wonderful fearless self in the future

After the flight, if you felt fear, run back and forth this fear
1. Think of a time when you felt the fear. Feel it with all your senses. What do you see, hear, feel?
2. Imagine yourself in a movie. See yourself at the on-screen fear
3. Imagine yourself in the projector room looking at yourself watching the movie
4. Run the movie to the end when you managed to survive the fear. See the movie as small as possible and in black and white. 
5. Enter your body. Be yourself. When you feel yourself at the end of the scary movie, run it from the end to the beginning

After doing this several times, you will check to see that the fear has diminished.
As the situation begins to improve, the Law of Hebb is the one that makes sure you continue to improve. Two cells that shoot together once will continue to shoot together, the stronger the feeling, until the fear is completely gone.

Wish you success,
I'm always here to help
The Breathing

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