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In each Pilates lesson, the teacher asks to move to the pose in the picture. It is usually in the middle or most often at the end of the lesson, in the streching stage. She always points out, as in the last sentence, that someone who has problems with balance can lean against the wall. Like many others, I swing, sometimes I have to let go of my foot for a few moments, but I must give the impression that I keep my balance.
In the last lesson, it was croudy, I found myself doing the exercise against a wall, a distance of 10 centimeters in front of me.
And what a surprise, I did not swing at all.
I felt safe, I stood up straight and did not lose touch with my leg at all.
After all, everything is in the mind.
Since then, every time there's an exercise that requires balance, I imagine a wall ten inches away from me, on which I can lean if necessary.
Since the brain does not distinguish between imagination and reality, everything is fine. That's how I got over my balance problem.


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