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Meditation special for you

I recently found out that more and more of my patients needed a meditation that would repeatedly refine their way to reach their goals. A young girl whom I consulted was in constant need of confirmation from friends and family, her special meditation was to ensure her that the way to success relies on herself only. I have built her a self-confidence meditation that will lead her on her own path without the need for confirmation from family or friends. Memorizing mantras and dedicated meditation brought her closer to her goal faster and consistently. Sometimes treatment helps, and then something happens and it takes us back to pre-treatment situations. Special, tailored meditation reminds us what helps us. A patient managed to get rid of fears through therapy and then suddenly new fears emerged. I built a meditation that addressed his specific behavior and guided him consistently to a carefree life. I would love to build you a meditation that will accompany you to a calm and carefree life. with love Breathing

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