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Mirrors on your path

Self-love is one of the most important gifts we need to give ourselves in this world.
I suggested a patient to learn from her mother who loves her, unconditional love, how to love herself. Our mother can serve as a mirror for us. From her we can learn how to love ourselves.
We can only see in others what exists in us, our reflection in them, in the mirror that is for us. 

If there is a characteristic that does not exist in us we cannot see it in others. This movie shows how people don't see Columbus's ships because they have never seen boats.
Our body is the mirror reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, limitations and emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, shame etc. Sometimes when I feel anger it translates and reflects in the body as sharp and sudden pain. This explains why we should clear away negative emotions that could harm our health.
If we get angry with others, it's because it reflects  what we should improve in ourselves.
For example, if our child has difficulty in school and we have difficulty to help, it might be that the child mirrors  our impatience.
When we pay attention to the mirrors on our path we can handle and improve.

Good luck, I'm always here to help
with love
The Breathing


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