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We all adopted parts of our parents, we absorbed their behavior. Sometimes unconsciously we behave just like our parents.
We've seen them and  imitate them instinctively, because that's what we know. If parents divorced because of opposites, then everyone went on his way, and each parent may be whole with himself.
Although  we may live in a perpetual conflict that arises from the opposing parts we took from our parents. For example, one of the parents is restrained and the other has nervous explosions.

We may find ourselves in a constant struggle between these two parts.
We carry inside ourselves opposing parts of our parents.

All parts of us have positive intentions or goals for the individual, no matter how damaging or destructive the behavior is to strive for these intentions or goals.
When we discover two opposite parts of the conflict, identifying their positive intentions makes it possible to merge the positive intentions that they do not object to.
All of us have different types of internal conflicts, some less severe than others. Perhaps one part of us wants us to be loved, the other wants us to succeed, one wants to be cared for and the other wants independence, one spontaneous and the other wants planning and routine.
For instance, people suffering from bulimia want to eat and  want to be thin at the same time.
No matter what the inner split, the two have positive intentions, for example eat its purpose may be joy and become thin may belove. It is possible to merge love and joy, to act as a whole person who respects every part of it

The way to solve our conflict is to go back to that time before we adopted the opposing parts.
After all, we were born whole without conflicts.
If we manage to connect to the whole energy that was in us, then we succeed in solving the conflict.

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