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A patient told me this week that the meditation that had helped him overcome and live without anxiety had stopped helping him lately.
Apparently, he stopped meditating every day and tried to overcome anxiety through breathing only when  anxiety began.
Meditations are effective  when they are done every day, steadily.
Mindfulness must be practiced every day. Anxiety can not be overcome only through ad hoc deep breathing when it happens.

It is not enough to wake up in the morning and thank for what you have. You have to persevere throughout the day.
To think that we have already achieved the goal, to feel within us as if we have already achieved our goals.
Steadily thinking positively, thinking that we have achieved our goals steadily every day.
Check our behavior steadily, and make sure we continue with positive, without critical behavior.
Keep up your physical activity and proper nutrition.
Any new action or learning that occurs in the brain in a coherent manner will create connections, neurons that include the sharing of those senses that participate in the same learning. This is the Law of Heb, and the emphasis here is on the word consistent. We should constantly check that we maintain the positive connections and connections we have made in our minds.

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