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Each of us has a dominant system of representation, a dominant sense, a dominant sub-modality. For example, I always thought that my visual sense is the most developed in me until one day I said the pin code I received in an email out loud and found out that I remember it better.
When we study for a test it is desirable that we activate all the our senses, light a candle with a scent, say the material out loud, touch something while learning, eat something, a snack, in order to excersize your taste sense.

We should examine ourselves, when we remember better. This will help us to discover the distribution of our sub-modalities, our dominant senses. If we remember best when we see or hear the material.
Every person has a tendency to use a certain sense, more than the other senses as a means of obtaining information. This sense is given preferential representation in recording the experiences in memory and in verbal expression. By developing a skill in identifying the preferred sensory representation system, the amount of information that can be absorbed at any given moment can be significantly increased. Also in communication with others, we can improve our communication with them.
Once we have identified in the other the dominant sub-modality, we will use words that correspond to him, such as you saw? Or have you heard? in accordance.

The movement of the eyes indicates the system of representation of a person, if it moves the eyes up it is sight, aside hearing and down emotions.

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