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Thanks Corona

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

These days, staying at home, isolated, we are forced to zoom into ourselves.

To stay sane and motivated, each one of us can keep a list of good things he reveals in the undesired situation we are in.   Here is my list, which I update daily, Thanks: The realization that we are all ONE

Or as the Dalai Lama wrote: only by coming together with a global response will we meet the magnitude of the challenges we face.

Thanks To the fresh air I breathe thanks to traffic restrictions on the roads To the quiet in previously noisy streets To the traffic jams that disappeared and allow us to reach our destination fast when we have to... To online shopping that forces me to buy only what I really need and keeps me from the temptations while shopping in stores To know my close family better by spending more time together To know the neighbors better

The online shopping that makes me buy only what I really need and keeps me from the temptations of the shops

For being able to organize a new daily routine schedule For the movies and series accessible on PC and TV For the family and friends I meet on Zoom For the Whatsapp that continues to help us communicate with each other For the longer time I spend meditating and reading every day

For the free time to cook, to make pickles, to arrange the house For the quality of local farm products For learning about viruses and what sets them apart from bacteria For understanding life priorities, first health... Fo looking for new doors to open after the corona threat is gone For new opportunities, e.g. practicing NLP therapy online For deepening the understanding of life, concentrating on things that are really important To the volunteers, who help us overcome, health, medicin, errands issues

To those who help themselves and the collective consciousness

For what was and will be and I took for granted until now: The social life I had The trips I did My hard-working maid Gym, Pilates classes and pool that I could visit whenever I wanted The Sea, that gives us energy throughout the whole year and I miss so much

And now aspirations for the future are allowed and needed. This includes to imagine, believe and be convinced that we are here at the end of the Corona threat. After months of change how will your life look like?

What will you do differently? What do you want to accomplish? Where do you want to go? Give clear and comprehensive instructions to the universe, it will take you where you want to get. You can follow the steps listed on the blog how to achieve a goal   If you need help I'm available to guide in Zoom :) with Love

The Breathing

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