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The Family

Thirty years ago, I had the honor of studying cognitive thinking with Yemima Avital, the basic idea was that if you succeed in learning, changing and getting closer to yourself, your environment will also change, especially the family.
Indeed already after half a year I was able to bring about personal changes and they had an impact on my environment, especially on the immediate family. Being calmer  had a positive effect on my family. Everyone became calmer and many other good things happened.
I recently treated with NLP  a 15-year-old girl who suffers from anxiety.
The treatment was able to significantly improve her condition.
After a while it became clear that the anxieties that had disappeared, returned.
Her sister also had anxieties, and similar treatment helped her as well.
At first I thought it was her sister's anxieties that got her anxieties back.
In time, due to the fact that both she and her sister's condition worsened after time passed, again, I discovered that the mother was very anxious, not letting the girls relax.

It is only natural that the influence of the parents on the children, will be decisive.
Parents are the strongest in the home and it is advisable to take care of them first, of course when they understand that this is the case.
If a parent is cared for then the children may not need care at all, the opposite is rarely true.
This is why I guarantee the readiness of parents' to therapy before starting therapy with their children.

Family therapy is of course supposed to benefit and solve everyone's problem.

I'm here if you need help,

with love

The Breathing

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