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The future is in our hands

30 years ago, when I was just starting and studying channeling, I went to others to see how they worked, so I thought it was my calling, my profession, to be a medium. I quickly realized that anything they said about the future could or might come true by saying it. As in the picture below, because this is a self-fulfilling prophecy or Pygmalion effect:

I started asking them NOT to tell me anything about the future.

Some of the few things that were said to me and have not yet happened, remain wired in my memory and affect me until this very day and still frighten me, like bad things that will happen to my grandchildren.

The future depends on us, on our level of awareness. It is written that "everything is predictable and permission is given." Our level of awareness is our permission. Our level of awareness determines how we accept things. There are predetermined fractal pathways. Our awareness moves us between the tracks. The future is in our hands. We determine how it looks like, this is why mediums can't be precise. Except for events for which the energy already exists, events that will occur in the recent future.

With love

I would love to help you raise your awareness for a better future,


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