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The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought
I recently started therapy with a woman who was healthy all her life, eating healthy and practicing sports intensively. Her sister laughed at her, how is she who did not eat healthy food nor practiced any sport, healthier than her?
Proper eating and sports are necessary but not sufficient.
Living happily is very important, if not most important.
My patient has been living in stress for the past year.
Concerned about the steps she has taken, buying an apartment, investing all her money in real estate. Everyday anguish. She lived in uncertainty, asking herself daily if what she is doing is right or wrong.

Not in vain is hesitation, considered as adding stress and unnecessary burden in our life.
She then got into trouble and gave up buying the house. It only added to the hesitation, stress and insomnia.
Thus came a new trauma, a serious outbreak of illness.
How can it be after such a healthy life? she asked herself.
The thoughts of the past year have left their mark.
We started working, treating, erasing the trauma towards joy for life.
As long as we live, we should be happy every day. There are so many sources of happiness love, friends, kids, grandchildren, sun, sea ...
We feel free and happy  when we control our thoughts ...
with love,
The Breathing
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