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The Universe is serious

Many of my patients were able to fulfill their dreams and then disrespected the universe, laughed and mocked, "The universe heard and fulfilled my dream." Laughingly said to the universe, lol I managed to fulfill my dreams without your help. Then, see this wonder, everything dissolved and returned back to square one. In awareness and mindfullness studies, we learn to transmit to our consciousness simply, precisely what we really want. What we do not want, through resistance, results in opposite results, the universe drops the word no, does not understand it. Limited beliefs about our desires may jeopardize the attainment of our goals. If we think we don't get what we want, this "wish" will come true too and we really won't get it.

When we look at the unwanted things in our lives and point out that they are unwanted without effort, without digging, why I did this, why it happens to me, why I said it and not the other thing. Do this by looking from the side, dissociating, watching and recording what is desirable. It is good to believe that your wishes already came true, that you live in your desired future already. After a while, it can take more than six months, we see results, it really comes true. The universe does not understand negative sentences, just say what you want. However, whether you believe or not in the universe, don't laugh at it, there's no reason to mock. Clear desires, formulated simply and with belief that they have already been fulfilled, will come true in any case.

with Love

The Breathing

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