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This is Normal

Many times at the beginning of treatment I 'normalize' the problem. A child who wets at night if he is told that it also happens to other children his age, that it is normal. There is nothing to be ashamed of, that one has to work on it, everyone works on it and manages to wean.
It gives him hope and the 'normal' calms him down, he thought it was his problem only, that it does not happen to others and hard to solve if at all. The 'normal' reassures him, because he understands that there are others like him, he is not alone.
He is grateful to the therapist, it opens him up, increases his trust in the therapist and allows him to receive the therapy better.

To another patient who suffered from anxiety, I explained that many people at her age are having anxiety these days. I told her about different cases and even about myself and how others overcame the problem.
She showed a lot of interest, the 'normal' was soothing, she opened up and was willing to hear about different therapyt methods and worked in a systematic way.

Everything that happens to us is normal and there were usually others who had already experienced the same thing and overcome it. Each of us has a right to exist and there are ways to overcome any problem.

If you need help , I will be happy to I'm here for you, The Breathing

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