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What parents should know

During therapy, I often find that people live with anger, anxiety, sadness, etc. from cases that occurred in their early childhood, usually when they were with one or both of their parents. We want the best for our children but are unaware that our untreated traumas are transmitted further to our children regardless of our direct behavior with them.

For example, a parent who behaves well with his child, but lives in constant anxiety that something will happen to him, for example fear that the child may suffocate while eating, fall out of bed .... His child may feel its parent's anxiety through cautious speech or emotional senses. This anxiety of the parent will be imprinted into the child. When the parent is under pressure from having the child swallowed incorrectly or tried to jump from a dangerous place, the anxiety is imprinted back to the child.

Such incidents might turn the child into an anxious child. The way to educate and raise happy children is by making sure that we maintain our good spirits day by day. Take care of ourselves and make sure we are full of joy and happiness. If we, as parents, have any problems, it is advisable that we take care of ourselves and clarify them to our children so that they do not absorb them through their senses, incorrectly. If we are anxious about our children it is advisable to go to treatment and understand how to explain things to our children as clearly as possible. If we are concerned about our existence, we should explain to our child what is happening and it is very important that he knows that it is not about him and not because of him, that he will not feel guilty. In short, it is very desirable that we be open, truly happy and happy for us and our children. If you need help, I'm here for you, with love The Breathing

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