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Therapy and Guidance

Start Breathing…

NLP Therapy

You know what you want to achieve,

But is something blocking you?


Are you stuck in a pattern and want to get rid of it?


Today there are more and more studies in the field of neurology.

They tell us that our brains are flexible and open to changes and upgrades.


Using NLP therapy I will help you achieve your goals.


The difference is noticeable after the first treatment.

Personal Guidance

Are you at a crossroads and do not know which way to go?

Are you in trouble and do not know how to solve it?

Do you feel that you want more in life?

Looking for answers?


I will discover your potential

Using numerology and astrology,

I will examine your current condition using palm reading

(Palmistry) and graphology,


I will outline to you the way to achieve your goals.


We will remove the obstacles using NLP.


For personal guidance, you'll need to provide:


Date and time of birth


City and country of birth


name and last name **


Nicknames **


Photographing both hands (copier)

On page A4, write with a ballpoint pen, at least 9 lines of text without emotional involvement

** Enter the name in the country where you were located when that name was in use (for example, if you were born in that name in the United States, then write down the name

in English). Also note the date of change of name.

“Thanks to the guidance of The Breathing, I found a partner and we have been happy together for four years"

32, lives in Tel Aviv


“Thanks to the NLP treatment of The Breathing, I was able to complete a difficult task at work I was stuck in"

26, from the center of the country


“Thanks to the NLP treatment of The Breathing, my outbursts have decreased at home, and the atmosphere has improved"

From Savion


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