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Kill Anxiety

This week an anxious woman came to me for therapy. I dealt with all types of anxiety treatments, as I wrote in my blogs: How to erase unpleasant memories, what is stress? And feeling anger, sadness, fear, vulnerability ...? We also looked at the way anxiety spreads within the body from the ends of the arms and legs and imagined the direction, and changed the direction. We looked at the color of anxiety and painted it in a new, more friendly and optimistic color from black to pink, we removed the anxiety. Anxiety attacks diminished and weakened.

So we began to imaginatively build a device inside the patient's brain. The patient felt warmth rising and rising from the tips of the hands and feet to the head. The heart was pounding. I let her invent a device that would eliminate her anxiety. A machine inside the head that produces ice and dissolves the heat. The cold calmed the heart and put the patient back in a relaxed state. We imaginatively built a device with a lot of details, an efficient machine that spreads cold into the body. We turned on the device in her imagination and while guided imagery she melted the anxiety. Along with the cold the patient returned to her normal state. Then we continued to imagine how she would operate the device in the future if she felt anxious. I anchored it to the best condition along with the ice making device so that it would be available to her just in case, as needed. You too can invent sophisticated devices, machneries

that will make your anxiety go away.

If you need help, I'm here for you, The Breathing

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