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Forgive – Accept - Let Go

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Self-love is essential to our progress, it includes self forgiveness, self acceptance and letting go.

I have learned from Ymima that anger is unnecessary and blocks us.

I made peace agreement with myself, when I am wrong or doing something I am sorry for, I apologize if I hurt somebody, forgive myself as soon as possible.

Accept myself as I let go and move on.

The same thing about my family, I diminish the moments of anger, when they appear, I forgive fast, accept those around me as they are and let go.

During my career in high-tech, sometimes people envied my status, and tried and succeeded in taking my position and promoting themselves. It usually involved diminishing my accomplishments.

Although it was clear to me that the reason for what happened to me was connected only to my mind and the law of attraction, I was angry with them.

It was hard for me, and I still have not been able to completely free myself from the pursuit of justice.

With the help of Mindfulness, I discovered that I was still angry with the same people who had taken this or that role when they insulted me and accused me of unjustified things.

I understood that anger is an unnecessary energy that harms me only. They prevent me from flowing and following my development.

I informed those people that I had stopped being angry with them.

I did stop being angry and turned the energy to positive things that build me and do not destroy.

Forgive, accept and let go gives us flow and helps us to tune right.

I recommend that you stop being angry, make peace with people who caused you anger.

Send them your forgiveness and move on.

Good luck and love

The Breathing

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