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Take example from others

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

That's how the NLP founders started, they learned from therapists who managed to get a desired change in a fast way. Caregivers such as Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir.

People we see online, in lectures, do not have direct interaction with them, we can not delve into them.

As a rule, you should find people who can serve as an example in our environment.

These people should be interviewed in a thorough way. The more interviews, the more likely the change will succeed.

Things to check out:

How do they know how to behave the way they behave?

What drives them?

How do they represent their own beliefs?

What do they believe about themselves and the world?

What is their scale of values?

We should also ask ourselves what undesirable behavior or faith gives us so that we continue to adhere to them.

One of the basic premises of NLP is that people always make the best choice for themselves at that moment.

There is benefit in our current behavior. The important reason for us to understand what this benefit is to find a better and appropriate way that will bring us the same benefit at least.

Once we have found through the examples, a recipe for new behavior / beliefs, we need to check if it works and we see change.

If you do not change you have to do the process again, more deeply until you get the results you want.

Good luck to change 😊

And. Don’t ‘forget I am here to help 😊

The Breathing

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