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Sub-modalities and Ego

רשימת תת חושים

Every sense has sub-modalities:

Visual-sense-sub-modalities are: color, fixed-moving, clear-blurry, two-dimensional-three-dimensional, connection-connection, dark-light, near-far.

Auditory sense – sub-modalities are: strength, height, tone, frequency, mono-sound, double-sound, strong-weak, near-far.

Kinesthetic-Sensory Sense- sub-modalities are: hot-cold, location of emotion, smooth-rough, light-heavy, weak-strong, size, shape.

When something happy happens to us, it is worthwhile to increase the subconscious. For example, you wake up in the morning, feel joy in your heart, see the sun, hear the birds singing. You should look at the color of light, increase it in your imagination, let joy spread throughout the body to increase the feeling, listen to a variety of bird songs.

On the other hand, if we had a bad experience, one of the ways to overcome it is by weakening the sub-modalities.

This week I had a bad conversation with my manager and he hurt me very much, especially my ego.

I succeeded in preventing low energy and moving away from a bad feeling, by changing the subconscious.

I looked back at the incident in dissociation, moved the sense of insult from the area of ​​the heart in my imagination, weakened the manager's voice, and blurred as much as I could the event in memory.

At once there was indifference and disinterest in the event, and I quickly returned to my own stability.

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