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How to imagine ?

Since the brain does not distinguish between reality and imagination, it is important to imagine desirable situations and convince the brain that they are indeed possible and then let them happen using the law of attraction.
This week, a boy I was treating, could not imagine himself smiling. I did not know, but some people find it difficult to imagine visual events.
One can practice the ability of visual imagination.
I asked the boy to look at himself smiling in the mirror, close his eyes and continue to see the picture.
Through repetitive exercises, imagination abilities can be reached. Please follow the instructions:
1. Visualize a picture.
2. Reflect, evaluate, and rate the vividness of the picture from 1-5 (i.e. Which parts were easiest to imagine? Most clear and vivid?).
3. Repeat the visualization of the  image, aiming to make the clearest, easiest to imagine elements even more vivid.
4. Imagine and visualize the image once again.
5. Repeat 4 more times, each time taking the vividness of the image up a level, or adding an additional layer of detail to the image. Just add every detail you feel will make the picture more realistic.

It is desirable to enrich the image in memory daily, pay attention to detail, enrich it. Imagination improves. 
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